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The 'Toamna Cartofilor' Potato Festival (literally translated as 'Autumn of Potatoes') is an annual EcoVisio event launched in 2018, from the desire to promote the benefits of this vegetable for health, but also the small producers who grow it dearly in Moldova.

The location chosen for this small festival is Rîșcova village from Criuleni district (~ 25 km from the capital), known for its generations of farmers specialized in potato growing. Local people cultivate varieties such as Irga, Early Rose (American) or Țigăncușa every year, keeping the tradition transmitted by ancestors. Even local authorities share the pride of the villagers for this type of activity, as the potato became, during the time, the "visiting card" of Rîșcova.

Every year, local residents are very actively involved in organizing of Potato Fest, as well as the Municipality of Rîșcova village and various initiatives from the village (EcoVillage Moldova, P.A. ”Avânt”, Rîșcovan Potato, etc.).

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