Who and why

Philosophy and Mission:

We believe in the potential of agroecology for sustaining food demand while not damaging natural systems. Agroecology also contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In our work we explore, share and support a diversity of agroecological practices, but we also encourage organic certification, when it’s coupled with intrinsic motivation and action to rehabilitate soil and water, protect biodiversity and establish fair working conditions in farms and processing facilities.

It’s about an approach to agriculture that ensures healthy future for us, other living organisms and the whole planet. We are convinced that step by step Moldova can become a model country implementing agroecological practices widely. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Our team:

Valeria Șvarț-Gröger
Program Advisor
Daniela Fornea
Program Manager


Program Specialist
Daniela Luca
Riscova Potatoes


Tatiana Cebotari
Riscova Potatoes

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Public Association EcoVisio
Chisinău, Moldova

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